“A sound mind in a sound body” ,  was the key phrase for Sports Committee. The association traces its roots to a society formed in 1896 by sportsmen in the college called Athletics Associations. These athletes brought the concept of “organization”  to student groups by making the first inter-college athleticism festival in Turkey, Field Day, real. Other than that Athletics Associations generally dealt with the sports branches of the college and became the bridge between the teams and the school throughout its existence. Sportsmanship Brotherhood, on the other hand, is a kind of fraternity which is based on a rough hierarchy yet, not drifted apart from sports as seen by the title. However, with the spectacular events they organized they were recognized by the college.

Members of Sportsmanship Brotherhood were bounded strongly in the means of companionship. This way, there were two independent student groups interested in college sports. Both were dedicated, nonprofit and voluntary organizations. While Sportsmanship Brotherhood was handling the spirit of brotherhood in the group, Athletics Association was concentrated on the amateur soul of organizations in the college. After this long co-existence , Sportsmanship Brotherhood and Athletic Association transformed into Sports Committee as we know, which now provides a positive sports environment successfully for the college.


At Boğaziçi University, Sports Committee has many other missions other than popularizing the concept of sports and the vast benefits of it. All 23 branches of sports are under the control of Sports Committee, we provide the communication among those branches and the administration. For Sports Committee the amateur soul means more than anything.  Hence, we organize amateur tournaments twice a year where any student-not necessarily a sportsmen -can find an appropriate sports for himself. In our opinion, every student in Boğaziçi University deserves to taste sports.


Keep The Rules, Play the Game..



     Formerly known as Robert College, the history of the university dates back to 1863, as the first American institution of higher education established outside the USA. Situated on a hill-top overlooking the  Bosphorus, the university enjoys a reputation of being one of the most distinguished higher education establishment in Turkey and the Middle East. The University is a member of a network of universities across Europe and the USA with which there is a dynamic student exchange program.

The South Campus, which all the activities and some of the tournaments take place  is the historical campus of Bogazici University situated on a hill overlooking the Bosphorous and the fortress, Rumeli Hisari. Boğaziçi University takes pride in its lively and colorful campus life. The spectacular view and the warm atmosphere waits for you at Sports Fest!



Bogazici University Sports Fest is Turkey's biggest student-organized sports festival, held in Bogazici University facilities every year since 1980. Field day, as it was known then, has continued under its new name “Sports Fest”. This, much established and cherished event is probably one of the most significant and symbolic activities for students since it provides a perfect ground for bringing together sportsmen from across the globe in a spirit  of competitiveness and friendship.


Throughout the successfull years the festival has evolved to a much bigger organization which gathers many quality sportsmen.The festival includes contribution of the both school and students of Bogazici University, and participation of hundreds of sportsmen around the world.


Under the watchful eye of professional referees invited from respected federations, tournament in 17 different branches takes place on Bogazici University school grounds. Hosting competitive sports events with participation of nearly 1000 athletes of whom 600 are international, Sports Fest is also Boğaziçi University’s springfest with its events taking place outside the courts on South Campus.

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