1. What kind of measures have we taken for COVID?
   Disinfectant and spare masks will always be available at the info desk and the field entrances in the festival area, also balls and other extra materials will be cleaned regularly. Referees, athletes, and officials will preferably be wearing masks during the tournaments.


2. What documents do we want from you?
   If participants have been vaccinated, a certificate of vaccination will be required. Unvaccinated participants will be required to provide a COVID test result document at the earlies 2 days before the event. Participants who do not take the test will not be taken to the event areas. Also, all foreign and domestic participants will fill out the COVID form at the technical meeting which will be held on the first day confirming that the responsibility belongs to them.

3. What will we do in case of any problem?
   If a participant or a group of participants become ill during the event, suspected COVID positive or suspected to had contact with COVID positive patients, no refunds will be made to the mentioned participants apart from exceptional circumstances (under the initiative of Sports Committee).