Every year, Sports Committee hosts the most enchanting parties of the year. A lot of Bogazici University Students arrange their schedules from weeks ago for the Sports Fest parties. So far Sports Committee Parties have taken place at the most popular nightclubs in Istanbul like: Sortie, Klein, Members, 360 İstanbul, Adile Sultan Sarayı, Sait Halim Paşa Yalısı, etc. Sports Committee also hosted a stunning party last year at Kennedy Lodge, which is a private mansion with splendid Bosphorus view.

There are many activities and surprises waiting for you at Sports Fest. There are many activities at South Campus such as the animations, entertaining workshops and never ending music. 

There is also a traditional boat tour of Istanbul's beautiful view. You're invited to join us for a legendary day on offshore. A fantastic scenery of Bosphorus and beautiful people to enjoy it all with. If you also want to be a part of this experience and collect amazing memories, don't forget to follow our events.

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