All participants are kindly requested to afford their transportation to and from Istanbul. Besides, transportation to and from airport is on organisation committee’s responsibility. There will be also shuttle services between hotels and tournament places, to parties, and to events at certain hours during the festival.



    The main modes for transportation are the Metro (for the new parts of Istanbul as well as to / from the airport), the Tram (through the Old City), ferries (mainly for trips between Europe and Asia) and the buses (everywhere). In addition, there are some quirky, only-in-Istanbul options, like minibuses and vans, as well as short connectors (most of which provide an option to ride – not walk – up and down the city’s steep hills).


    If you will be staying in Istanbul for only a few days, you can use token or electronic ticket, that can be provided from “Jetonmatik” or “Biletmatik” machines in transportation hubs. They accept both banknotes and coins. Alternatively, you can find electronic tickets at the newspaper stands, kiosks and ticket booths near stations, piers and stops.


   If you will be in Istanbul for more than a couple of days, the easiest thing is to buy an Istanbulkart for payment on virtually all public transportation. It costs only 6 TL. The Istanbulkart is sold at İETT counters near major transportation hubs like Eminönü, Taksim and Beşiktaş. Also it’s widely available at the newspaper stands and kiosks near major transit stops such as Eminönü, Sultanahmet, Sirkeci, Taksim, etc.

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