Sports Committee gives the opportunity to Bogazici University students to participate as volunteers to the biggest international Sports Fest in Turkey. Whats even better, they get an opportunity to experience an amazing time during the four days, with sportsmen from all around the world and different social backgrounds. If you want to be a part of this great organisation, the only thing you need to do is applying to be a volunteer in Sports Fest.


     There are 2 different positions, which our volunteers can apply. They either can apply to become an headguide or a guide. Headguides are thevolunteers which leads the participaters throughout the event all the time. By becoming a headguide, you will be asked to come together with the sportscommittee members several times during the year to discuss the process. Guides are the volunteers which helps the headguides and works in several different positions.


There are some the positions the guides can apply:


Universities Committee: They are also responsible of one of the participating universities, and they work under the supervision of the headguides.


Info Desk: They are responsible of providing the necessary information for the participiant when needed, and they play a role in the coordination of the tournaments.


Opening and Closing Ceramonies: They are recruited in the preparation phase and during the ceramonies.


Animation Committee: They work in the operation of all of the animations placed on the South Campus.


Sf-Store: This Committee is responsible of deciding upon the Sports Fest Souvenir products and planning their sales before the event. And also they are responsible of the sales of these products during the event.


Volunteer applications as a Guide are open now, Please click the button below to fill the application form.


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